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Back in a new guise one of the most prestigious, complex and elegant wines, always one of the best expressions of Santa Sofia in Valpolicella: Gioè, an opulent and highly concentrated Amarone that stands out among the Valpolicella wines of the historic winery, for its capacity of aging and for the long development in both small and large casks.

2013 harvest was perfect to give the wine a new direction: a very hot summer and the temperature difference between day and night in autumn gave the wines intense aromatic notes and a high level of acidity, promoting elegance and making them perfect to grow and evolve over time.

It was 1964 when Giancarlo Begnoni, father of Luciano, the current patron of the winery, had the idea of a new wine: a superior, opulent Amarone, an authentic meditation wine that stood out for its elegance in aromas and softness in taste.

Thus was born Gioè, always powerful, of great structure, destined to mature and evolve over the years. From the most suitable rows of Cru Montegradella, Gioè is vinified only in the best vintages, when the seasonal and microclimatic conditions are favorable to the grapes destined to the appassimento (drying). Gioè grapes are in fact dried for about 100 days, and then macerated in steel for another 30 days. Another 42 months are waiting for him among small Slavonian oak barrels and medium-toasted French oak barrels. To complete that 4 years in bottle and, if well preserved, can evolve for over 10 years.

Today Amarone Gioè is the synonymous of the enological renaissance that Begnoni family brought to the territory. Starting from the 2013 vintage, Gioè appears completely renewed, with an ideal freshness and pleasure for moments of conviviality, to pair with a fine cuisine as also, traditional – values that perfectly reflect the actual identity of Santa Sofia, recognizable in the whole Valpolicella line.
2013 vintage is characterized by a higher vivacity, that makes the fruit presence essential in this wine, meant to evolve over time. Elegance and richness are permanent features, thanks to dried Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, grown in the three hectares allocated to the production of Gioè, perfectly favourable for their exposure and the high minerality. It is right from here that the great balance between fruit concentration and sapidity born, the vivid acidity that distinguishes the terroir of this Cru.

During the degustation, we don’t hide the fact to have been definitely enchanted by the quality of Gioè, confirming the greatness of this tremendous Amarone. Gioè starts with silken notes of red fruits, an explosion of cherry in spirit, that screams intensity and balance, but the blood-like sensation, the vegetable, the soft hints of pepper make the nose elegant and well-balanced. In the mouth is powerful yes, but, incredibly soft and harmonious. It is a thick wine, with the sweetness coming from the cherry in spirit, but the sip is fresh, mineral, with a gentle tannin that envelops the palate. The wine (and we are talking about an Amarone…), ends up in a second. Chapeau.