Santa Sofia s.r.l.
Via Ca’ Dedè, San Pietro in Cariano
Tel. +39 045 7701074 P.IVA IT 00224320234

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A company leader of a cultural revolution, two centuries of history framed by a novel, wise Vignerons and ancient vineyards. A Palladian Villa which detains the souls of those living in it, a company leader of a cultural revolution, a family completely devoted to land’s knowledge, the sensibility of a winemaker, and before that of a man, but above all his vision, modern, aware of the true meaning of ”winemaking company”: to sum up, Santa Sofia.

The landmark wines of Santa Sofia are undoubtedly the great classic from Valpolicella as Ripasso (this year vintage 2016 and 2018), Amarone and Recioto: intense wines, with fruity notes and a vivid cherry red color that charms you, great pleasure and drinkability despite a sustained alcoholic presence, even if it doesn’t overcome 15%. Probably one of the secrets at the core of Santa Sofia’s wine success it is the extraordinary features of the land, that distinguish Valpolicella’s soil: