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by Justine Bellavita

Chiaretto di Bardolino Santa Sofia – Veneto

Nuances tending to peach pink, the nose that expresses with grace memories of aromatic herbs, oregano and marjoram, then fruity raspberries, cherries and pomegranates, up to charming mineral sensations, almost marine. The mouthfeel, harmonious and easy to drink, reveals charm and softness, then becomes more vibrant, enlivened by a freshness of raspberry, dynamically closing on long citrus-bitter sensations with chinotto.
Very versatile its ability to blend with the most varied dishes: from appetizers based on fatty fish and vegetables, to pasta dishes dressed in red with white meat or tasty fish products; perfect with Caprese, Neapolitan pizza with anchovies, smoked carpaccio of both meat and fish and ham and melon. Priceless with paella and spicy Indian dishes, like chicken curry.