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Chiaretto e Croara

Santa Sofia, one of the most historical wineries of Valpolicella, chooses for summer 2021 two wines with a distinct freshness: new labels from Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc and Croara del Lago Doc, in other words a rosé wine that the winery has been producing for many years and a white wine born in 2020. Convivial and authentic, they tell about Garda Lake’s aromas and are the perfect pairing for an Italian style’s summer. Two proposals that reveals Santa Sofia’s intention to give nobility to two wines considered usually light and not so complex. Two labels of high quality, pleasant and gentle, to sip light-heartedness during the hottest days.
Santa Sofia gets closer to a younger public, yet educated, looking for fresher tastes still with a recognizable identity, pleasantly distinct.

Santa Sofia, pink matches everything with the Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC.

From vineyards of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara that lean out from Verona on Lake Garda’s shores, the Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc of Santa Sofia tells you the history of the land between Lasize and Bardolino.

Bright pink with garnet hues as a sunset on the Lake, it is an elegant proposal and fine choice of hundred of wine lovers all over the world year after year.

It was during the ’60 that the Begnoni Family included Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc among their labels, anticipating a trend that only lately had its revival in Italy and out of it, has we told you before.

Aromas and tastes of herbs as thyme and marjoram, citrusy notes of chinotto, along with raspeberries, black cherries and pomegranate. A fresh, aromatic and balanced wine, perfect for every occasion. After all, it is easily pairing to convivial summer dishes: from savory aperitifs to first courses of Italian tradition, even grilled or roasted meat. If you’d like to dare, it is perfect with a savory pizza, with fine charcuterie or more delicate seasoning.

Croara del Lago Garda DOC Bianco: a merry wine for Summer season

For summer 2021, Santa Sofia chooses also a white one: its Croara del Lago Garda DOC, a merry and easy drinking wine that will be the perfect companion of wine lovers during summer season.

Acquired in 2017 in Pozzolengo, these vineyards of Trebbiano di Lugana give us for the second time this light and convivial Garda DOC.

Floral and citrusy notes, of citrus fruits and herbs, for a closure that ranges between acidity and a lovely sapid taste: an excellent description of Garda’s terroir.

It is perfect with traditional dishes. From lake’s fishes, symbol of Garda Lake, as carp, trout or the famous bleak and whitefish, to historical recipes, less difficult in the preparation like carne salada (seasoned raw or cooked meat) and saor (it is a savory preparation, usually made with charamelized onions, olive oil, pine nuts, raisins and vinegard), truthful native cusine, which deeps its roots in heritage and family traditions, that feels authentic, like home, and finds the perfect balance with Crora del Lago Garda DOC of Santa Sofia.