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Santa Sofia was established in Pedemonte, on Verona’s hills, in 1811. In Valpolicella the company headquarters is in a marvelous cloister named “Villa Serego” and designed in XVI century by Palladio.

The grandeur of the building, the elegance and finesse of architectural details, the sense of beauty and pleasure that permeates those who admire the villa, these are the feelings that the Begnoni Family, owner of the winery since 1967, chose to infuse in its wines, labels of great character, identity and unquestionable elegance.


Villa Santa Sofia

Giancarlo and Luciano Begnoni

Montegradella’s vineyards


The landmark wines of Santa Sofia are undoubtedly the great classic from Valpolicella as Ripasso (this year vintage 2016 and 2018), Amarone and Recioto: intense wines, with fruity notes and a vivid cherry red color that charms you, great pleasure and drinkability despite a sustained alcoholic presence, even if it doesn’t overcome 15%.

Probably one of the secrets at the core of Santa Sofia’s wine success it is the extraordinary features of the land, that distinguish Valpolicella’s soil: hills stretching unspoiled and made fertile by ancient calcareous formations, of basaltic and volcanic origins, combined to the breeze from near Garda Lake.

But crucial are also the “ingredients” as love, wisdom and dedication with whom, since more than 50 years, the Begnoni Family takes care of this land, serving its bottles on the tables of the wine lovers of over 60 countries all around the world.



We tasted wines of Santa Sofia during a pleasant lunch at L’Alchimia in Milano, where officiates a great taster as Alberto Tasinato, owner of the restaurant that recently gained its first Michelin star. Tasinato described Santa Sofia Amarone as a pop wine, comparable to the artistic creations of a genius as Andy Warhol: an important wine, born by the simplicity of the fruits of the land, but developed to become sophisticated to a point where everybody agrees, both the lover of the truthful connection with the land and the fruit, as the one who, having a refined palate, prefers a balanced bold wine, with a strong flavor but never intruding, perfect to be paired with food and not overtake it.

And if Tasinato says so…