Santa Sofia s.r.l.
Via Ca’ Dedè, San Pietro in Cariano
Tel. +39 045 7701074 P.IVA IT 00224320234


October 2020

A company leader of a cultural revolution, two centuries of history framed by a novel, wise Vignerons and ancient vineyards. A Palladian Villa which detains the souls of those living in it, a company leader of a cultural revolution, a family completely devoted to land’s knowledge, the sensibility of a winemaker, and before that of a man, but above all his vision, modern, aware of the true meaning of ”winemaking company”: to sum up, Santa

It is all to discover Croara del Lago, the newest interpretation of Trebbiano di Lugana in purity by Santa Sofia. Mineral and sapid, its floral bouquet is fresh and vibrant to the palate, while pleasant tropical memories makes it perfect for a cheer on the beach.

The landmark wines of Santa Sofia are undoubtedly the great classic from Valpolicella as Ripasso (this year vintage 2016 and 2018), Amarone and Recioto: intense wines, with fruity notes and a vivid cherry red color that charms you, great pleasure and drinkability despite a sustained alcoholic presence, even if it doesn’t overcome 15%. Probably one of the secrets at the core of Santa Sofia’s wine success it is the extraordinary features of the land, that